Sri Thendayuthapani Temple

Special Prayers

There are several special prayers conducted at Sri Thendayuthapani Temple and to participate in any of the prayers, contact temple office

Sahasranama Archanai

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple conducts Sahasranama Archanai on request from devotees. Devotees perform Sahasaranama Archanai to achieve prosperity and wisdom and to attain the eternal bliss from God, we perform Archanai (prayer/pooja) in the temple. The Archanai is chanting the names and glory of God with devotion. When the Archanai contains 108 respected names of God, it is called the ASHTOTHRA SATHAM. When it contains 1008 names, the Archanai is called the SAHASRANANAM. As our resources (time and material) permit, when we do Archanai with love, devotion and concentration, we can fulfill our wishes and obtain the God’s grace and bliss.

Shanmuga Archanai

Sri Thendayuthapani Temple conducts Shanmuga Archanai for Lord Thendayuthapani on request from devotees. The Almighty, Lord Murugan blesses his devotees by appearing in different forms (known as Avatharam in Tamil). Among the forms, the appearance as ARUMUGAN (Shanmugan or six-faced God) has a special significance. Lord Arumugan has six heads, each facing East, South, South-West, West, North, North-East directions. Shanmuga Archanai is a prayer performed for God Arumugan offering six different flowers and six sacred food (known as Neivethyam in Tamil) and chanting 1008 respected names of Lord Murugan by six priests (archagar) at the same time in the temple. Lord Murugan blesses his devotees who perform the Shanmuga Archanai, by removing all evil thoughts and deeds, by fulfilling their wishes and by granting spiritual wisdom and prosperity in their lives.

Shukla Shashti Skantha Homam

To restore the Knowledge and Dharma in this world, Lord Murugan destroyed Asurans. Asuran in Hinduism is Demon, a representation of evil and ignorance and there were many Asurans during various periods. Lord Murugan fought with Asurans during the Tamil month of “Aipasi” from “Valarpirai Pridamai” to “Shashti” tithi, defeats Asurans ignorance and transforms him into a Rooster and Peacock. Hence Rooster and Peacock becomes the Vahanam (vehicle) for Lord Murugan. Tithi in hindu vedic timekeeping mean lunar day.

Astothara Satha Kalasabishegam

Seeking the divine blessings of Lord Muruga in his abode at 150-year old Sri Thendayuthapani Temple, a special prayer named ‘Ashtothara Satha (108) Kalasabishegam’ has been arranged for devotees in pursuit of better health, wealth, success and happiness. The prayer comprises of 8 sessions of recitations of primary mantras in the presence of 109 kalasams (sacred pots) and a Homam (sacrificial ritual conducted with the aid of fire) followed by Abhishegam (pouring of sacredwater, milk and honey over the sacred Vel) and Deepaarathanai. In addition, the performaing of “Sathru Samhara Thirisathi Archanai” to Sri Thendayuthapani in the form of the divine ‘Vel’ will shield devotees from all forms of evil and strengthen success, family bonding and wellbeing of devotees.

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